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We are not "publicly beneficial"?

We are struggling with authorities.

Long story short. To be able to receive paid sms-messages (so people can support us easily with small amounts) we need to register a "public collection". To do so we need prepare different "papers" (that we do not owe money to tax office, insurance, ... you name it) from 5 different towns (we are based in the country and not a city, so one office is in one place, another in different one, etc.) and send it to authorities. Plus the collection needs to be "publicly beneficial".

NapisteJim.cz – notes from the launch from promotion point of view

So on Thursday the 26th of the Czech version of WriteToThem was finally launched!

That day we used three different channels to promote the new application:

1) we organized a press conference for media with stars from the vide present
2) we published the video we made to YouTube, Vimeo and Stream (local site)
3) we approached the most read bloggers on the Czech internet

The results, so far, are just amazing!

KohoVolit.eu managed to make a video with Czech celebrities promoting WTT application!

Almost 20 people well known from culture scene in Czech republic (actors, actresses, directors and writers) agreed to connect their face and name with NapisteJim.cz, which is now official domain for czech WTT.

The video will be screened on the launch press conference which is schelduled for 19th of May and then spread through social media.

Any suggestions for innovative channels we can use while we have this video to use it the best way possible?

You can watch the photos from shooting the video here:
or here:

Videos from eDemocracy Day online!

I am very happy to present you two videos made on eDemocracy Day event in Prague!

overall about the event: http://www.vimeo.com/21437056


interview with Jakub Górnicki from Sejmometr.pl on the event: http://www.vimeo.com/21437549


eDDay photos!

As I promissed,
photos from the event can be found here:


or, for those that are not friends with facebook here:


Keep your fingers crossed, we are now working on some video output as well, we'll keep you informed:-)

eDemocracy Day behind us - what an event!

12th of March KohoVolit hosted a UNconference of different eDemocracy projects from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Over all, more than 25 projects were present and introduced. Sessions that folowed encouraged participants to ask questions, disscuss and learn from each other.

The main topics were: Parliament watchdogging, Public procurement, Project sustainability, Data sharing and API, and Watchdog and Media.

Pics from the event (and maybe even a video) will follow soon, so stay tuned:-)

eDemocracy Day cs 20110312

We are very happy that we can inform you about another upcoming event we're heading to! It is a small conference combined with workshop for representatives of many different eDemocracy initiatives both from Czech Republic and Slovakia, but is open to people and organizations from other countries as well - by that I mean now to you guys:-)!

The purpose of this conference is to:
- present interesting projects
- share earned know-how and best practice
- right on the place try several new ways of data processing
- create informal relationships within the group.

Most read post!

Michal's article about where actual half of your salary goes (to state and it's redistributing institutions) and how you can get more information on public spending especially on local level (several concrete tips) is charted NO ONE in terms of readers and disscussion!

Great job Michal:-)!

Pro povinné důchodové fondy hlasovalo ve volbách 4.4% lidí

Pro povinné důchodové fondy hlasovalo ve volbách 5.8 % lidí. Vládní koalice se chystá zavést povinné spoření do důchodových fondů. Přitom ODS, TOP 09 i VV měly svých volebních programech přesný opak!

Varianta povinného spoření do (soukromých) důchodových fondů získala ve volbách podporu jen 5.8 % voličů. Přesto ji vládní strany nyní podporují, zcela v rozporu se svými předvolebními sliby.

Strany, které prosazovaly povinné spoření do důchodových fondů, ve volbách neuspěly.

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