KohoVolit.eu managed to make a video with Czech celebrities promoting WTT application!

Almost 20 people well known from culture scene in Czech republic (actors, actresses, directors and writers) agreed to connect their face and name with NapisteJim.cz, which is now official domain for czech WTT.

The video will be screened on the launch press conference which is schelduled for 19th of May and then spread through social media.

Any suggestions for innovative channels we can use while we have this video to use it the best way possible?

You can watch the photos from shooting the video here:
or here:


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Global Yiwu stapler Times reported May convene global Filipino to China each Consulate protest march before the Philippine Overseas Chinese Liang CPPCC will fancy the 21st, according to a notice released by the Philippine media, the Association of the day Organization Global pray that Huangyan Island Day "activities to Yiwu hammocks protest China" encroachment "of the Philippines, called for a boycott of Chinese products. The Association spokesman table de la melon Tan, 20, 2009 declared that the activities of more than 300 cities and towns worldwide response. Anti-China protests miserably and May 21, 2009, according Yiwu children pyjamas to the "Global Times" reporter understand the 21-day activity only in the individual countries, some of them only a few people in the chapel brief ceremony, Manila in Makati core venue is not on a large scale, the Yiwu de China 21st Philippine media almost no such activity have any reports."Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20, said, headquartered in New York," the United States is the Philippine Overseas Chinese in the CPPCC would "initiate a global pray" wholesale lots activities, which started in the world in the 21st noon, will last 24 hours, the association which aims to promote Huangyan Island peaceful settlement of the dispute.

The Yiwu easels Association claimed support more than 300 cities and towns in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Philippines local activities have been, more than 200 senior church leaders and leading political and economic figures will participate.Philippines GMA News Network Yiwu palette Activity Leader Santos was quoted as saying that the purpose is to pray for peace, the people can not come to the scene, taken fasting and prayer at Yiwu handbags home, the activities of the importance of promoting the Filipinos at home and abroad to unite, not to further damage to the Philippines and the relations between the two countries.Under the slogan of "promoting peace", La Иу Guardia, spokesman for the Association of Tanzania to the call shows the intention to arouse anti-China sentiment of the Filipino. He appealed to all Filipinos in the Manila dollar items district Makati Business Center news conference on to tell the Chinese to leave the Huangyan Island.

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However, the global village concept became a reality in D

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Under the law, a lender must offer a loss mitigation application to a borrower in connection with the statutory notice of intention to foreclose; if mitigation is denied, the homeowner can request foreclosure mediation from the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings. The lender cannot file for foreclosure until at least 45 days after the notice of intent to foreclose is sent to the borrower with the required loss mitigation application. Following completion of the loss mitigation analysis, the lender cannot foreclose for 30 days. If the borrower requests mediation, the lender cannot foreclose until at least 15 days after mediation.


The yiwu deshun commodity firm this on tension in Russian-US relations Zaixianbolan United States, Texas, the local procuratorate announced a U.S. domestic adoption Russian boy died in an accident. This finding caused strong resentment among the people of the Russian official and popular still adoptive home boy brother sent back to Russia, and called for a ban on all foreign adoptions. According to the U.S. Cable News Network Digital Camera (CNN) reported, Texas the Eckert County officials held a news conference that the 3-year-old boy born in Russia the the Marx Xiatuo January 21, 2009 died of ruptured abdominal artery. U.S. district attorney, said that the forensic examination, the cause of death of the boy the abdomen suffered yiwu china blunt force trauma caused by the small intestine artery tear, should be self-inflicted injuries, not been intentional murder. Him multiple bruises may be self-mutilation caused. According to BBC reports, the the boy the adoptive parents Xiatuo couple lawyers said, this child behavioral aspects of the disease, and occasionally wholesaler head against objects and other people. The Eckert County Sheriff's Office said, the police are working with other agencies, to conduct further investigation.

3-year-old Business to Business Integration Maxim Cruz after the mother alcoholics are deprived of the custody of life in an orphanage in Pskov, Russia, after his adoptive parents, Alan and Laura brought, Eckert County, Texas, USA. January 21 this year, he was mother lost consciousness in their own yard, to the hospital after the unfortunate death. Americans "accidentally said" some of Yiwu de China the Russian people that they can not accept. According to Russia's "view report" on the 3rd, Astakhov, the children's rights Plenipotentiary of the Russian President, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the General Prosecutor's Office and yiwu fair the Russian Federal investigators Committee should ask about the Kuzmin death of all files within the framework of international cooperation. He said on Twitter: "The bruise has dispersed, the drug is also dissipated, adoptive parents acquittal, the government abandon accountability, 3-year-old boy became wholesale shoes a victim of politics."

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10 month 25 days, in the fourth session of China (Hebi) new products of magnesium application of New Technology Expo City Hall, shining silver light magnesium alloy hardware tools, portable lightweight magnesium alloy bicycle, popular Rolex Replica with foreign customers welcome the magnesium alloy generators, a superb collection of beautiful things products make people greatly.
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in Replica watches the Jinshan Industrial Park of Hebi national economic and Technological Development Zone, Ming Meimei industry science and technology limited company with an annual output of Replica Christian louboutin 10000 tons of magnesium alloy with high strength and toughness projects are under construction, the company general manager Wang Hongyuan told Christian louboutin replica the reporters, high-strength magnesium workshop Replica bvlgari has been completed, the construction of workshop is magnesium alloy extrusion, is expected next year the Spring Festival before putting into Replica rolex production."Our construction project is the company and the Jilin University cooperation projects, to produce the high strength and toughness indexes of magnesium alloy in the country are come first on the list."Wang Hongyuan said.

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résilience de highest regarded ordre comme the résultat des matériaux de qualité supérieure qui sont utilisés f50 adizero pas cher dans leur fabrication. Un manchon élastique va gérer tout sort de sol. Los angeles plupart des motifs utilisés comme terrains de football sont généralement les sols durs qui sont très robustes. Chaussures de footballing résilients sont généralement très long lasting. Shoes qui durent pendant de longues périodes de temps permettra d'économiser the joueur de l'agonie d'avoir à dépenser autant d'argent sur les vêtements de activity pendant une saison particulière sportif. Une paire de chaussures durables va durer pendant toute los angeles saison sportive sans être usés ou déchirés. Avec des chaussures durables d'un joueur n'aura pas besoin d'engager des frais de remplacement de chaussures et de réparation de chaussures chaussures fees. That qualité devrait également proposer à un joueur toute los angeles stabilité nécessaire lors d'un coordinate de footballing. The matériau utilisé put fabriquer baskets de qualité généralement faciliter los angeles stabilité du joueur. Les joueurs doivent avoir une stabilité de highest regarded ordre nike mercurial vapor superfly III pas cher afin qu'ils puissent passer d'une partie du terrain à l'autre avec aisance et être en mesure de marquer des buts.

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To get hver spiller på home indleverede, uanset placement du emergeny room we, emergeny room du forpligtet til cristiano ronaldo fodboldstøvler on gøre agility-baserede bevægelser. Derfor bør fodboldstøvler blive udformet we low-cut stil, på denne måde kan vægten af disse sko skal minimeres, og desuden kan anklerne af spillerne nyde gratis aktiviteter. Under de forskellige behov hos de spillere we betragtning, fodbold sko tilbyde tre forskellige sorter. High-toppe emergeny room udformet to get on supply støtte til hele ankel. To get en sheltering lineman, en tendens han eller hun on vælge high-tops, da high-tops kan skabe støtte til de kontinuerlige sideværts bevægelser. På denne måde kan han eller hun være forbundet med home holdning. De mid-cut sko emergeny room en anden artwork, der kan dække kun en delete af anklen. To get de sheltering buttocks emergeny room de nedringede sko deres favorit. Fordi vægten af disse sko emergeny room lys, we dette tilfælde, kan løbehastigheden være enhanced. As til konstruktioner af de in order to typer sko, emergeny room de også various. To get hensyn til serious øvelser, emergeny room fodboldsko konstrueret til on være lettere og mindre. Såler af fodbold sko emergeny room lavet af gummi eller polyurethan. Disse materialer emergeny room lys samt holdbare. We Messi nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite FG Fodboldstøvler - Hvid Rød fodboldsko der ikke mellemsåler, der anvendes til on holde fødderne af spillere til jorden og sænke tyngdepunktet. Med hensyn til home øvre, kan det være syntetisk, eller læder.


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